Arranging a Funeral

Arranging a Funeral can be a very hard task and we are prepared to help you make the right choice and give you the support you need to make it as perfect as it can possibly be for you.

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Where will the funeral take place?

The vast majority of funerals with either take place in a church, in a cemetery/churchyard at the graveside or in a crematorium chapel.
Dependent on religion, the service could also possibly be held at a synagogue, temple, mosque or other place of worship.
Unlike a wedding, a funeral can be held at near enough any location, sometimes they are even held at a private residence.

Who will conduct the service?

If the service is being held in a church, there will usually be a minister conducting the service and they will stipulate what can and cannot be done within their church. Generally, following a consultation the minister will be happy for friends and relatives of the deceased to take part in the funeral service.
In places other than a church, anyone can be asked to conduct a funeral service such as a religious minister of any denomination, the funeral director, a relative or member of a club connected to the deceased.
If you would like us to contact the person holding the service on your behalf, or would like us to work with and advise you on how to conduct the most appropriate form of service, we are more than happy to help. Simply visit us and ask how we can help with this.


For more information and support, please contact us at anytime, any day, we will offer you the support and advice you need during this hard period of time to make it as easy as possible for you and your family.

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How do we plan the service?

The most important thing when planning the funeral service is that you have the service you want and are most comfortable with. When there is a minister involved, usually they will contact the next of kin and arrange a meeting in order to discuss the form of service that you would like to have.
At this time, you will be asked to mention and special extras you would like to have during the service, for example, any music or tributes you would like to hear. One of the more common requests we receive are tributes to personal memories spoken by a close friend or family member.
Each service is as unique as the person it is being held for and it needs to be remembered that it is a tribute to the person who has passed away.

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What is an address?

An address is a short speech about the person who has passed away and is usually delivered by a minister during the service, however this can also be delivered by a close friend or relative.
Before the funeral, it is very important to put a lot of thought into this as it will add a personal touch to the service and will be one of the main things that people remember from the funeral. Usually, during the address the short speech includes things like how the person liked to be known, a short history of events within their life such as childhood, connections, likes and dislikes or simply anything that made them who they are and finally and most importantly, their character. Sometimes an old family story can make a huge difference to the service.

What music can we use?

Any music choice can be catered for ranging from organ music to CD’s. Usually within a church there is an organist and music and hymns can be arrange in conjunction with the minister to be used within the funeral service. You will need to remember that some hymns have more than one tune.
When a service is held at a crematorium, we can often be limited by time however it is possible to play two or three pieces of music. It is also possible to book a double service time which will allow for more music to be played during the service. If you would like any help and advice on music played during the service, we are more than happy to help.

If you would like us to contact the person holding the service on your behalf, or would like us to work with and advise you on how to conduct the most appropriate form of service, we are more than happy to help. Simply visit us and ask how we can help with this.

Can I view at the chapel of repose?

This choice is entirely personal. Many people gain comfort and closure by visiting the chapel of repose to pay their final respects to a loved one, however some people do prefer not to visit in order to preserve happier times within their personal memories. It is also possible to ask for the coffin to be taken home so that you can pay your respects in a more comfortable environment.
Usually we will supply a dressing gown or robe to dress the person who has passed away, however if you would prefer to supply us with personal clothes for them then we are more than happy to oblige. If the person usually wore dentures or spectacles it will also help to present a more natural appearance.
Treasured items and artifacts such as flowers, photographs and cards can be placed in the coffin by loved ones. If the deceased was wearing jewellery than you will need to decide if this will be left with them or returned to their next of kin.

Who will carry the coffin?

We will provide coffin bearers for all services, however members of the family or close friends may wish to assist with this. It is completely possible for you to help carry the coffin and we will provide some simple instructions beforehand.

What transport will we need?

With a funeral, the only special vehicle that is required is a hearse and this is provided by us for all funerals. For an additional cost we can also provided horse drawn carriages for hearses.
Limousines are available at an extra cost for guests and will seat seven passengers. All limousines provided are equipped with umbrellas for your use during bad weather conditions.

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