Planning Ahead

Planning ahead can make sure that you are all prepared for what could happen and it will also relieve the stress of worrying about planning so shortly after losing a loved one.

Arranging Funerals

Planning your funeral ahead of time.

Planning ahead for your funeral or for that of a loved one is something that can be done at any time and can be done for a number of reasons, usually to ensure that in a period of grief and loss that family members and close friends aren’t left with more to worry about. Here at Carl Hogg & Susan Fields Funeral Service, we have years of expertise in assisting with the planning of funerals to ensure peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

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There are many reasons to plan ahead for either your own funeral or that of a loved one, though many of them fall under similar circumstances. Some of the biggest reasons to plan ahead are;

Easing the burden on your family

If your final wishes are left unknown when you die, your family will be tasked with making difficult decisions at a very tough time for them. For example, one of these choices is knowing whether you wish to be buried or cremated, another could be whether to have an open or closed casket. With our help and guidance, we can reduce the burden and have a plan in place to carry out your final wishes without needing to increase the feeling of loss within your loved ones.

Taking financial responsibility

By planning ahead, you are able to make financial arrangements to cover all funeral costs. Sometimes just leaving behind sufficient amounts to cover the costs doesn’t mean that those are left to carry on your memory are able to access the money to pay for the funeral. Our funeral trusts offer sound financial planning so that all things can be considered long ahead of time.

Giving your loved ones the benefit of a meaningful funeral

A funeral is not a day in a lifetime, it’s a lifetime in a day and is an incredibly important event for a grieving family. In a psychological sense, it provides your loved ones with a sense of closure and enables them to begin the healing process. The emotional benefits of honouring a loved one with a proper ceremony are huge and it can be incredibly difficult to hold a fitting funeral ceremony when it is planned in a short space of time.

Being self-reliant

Being self-reliant and having your affairs in order towards the end of your life by having your funeral arrangements taken care of is a very thoughtful and deeply caring thing to do for your family. It can be very comforting to know that you have done everything within your means to ease the burden on them and they will appreciate your love and care for them being continued even after you are gone.

We can help you take care of all of these things and much more to ensure that when the time comes, all of your funeral arrangements are taken care of with due diligence to give you and your loved ones all the help and support we can in a period of great loss. To learn more about our pre-planned arrangements and prepaid funerals, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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