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Our Wicker Caskets for Cremated Remains

We offer a large range of wicker caskets for cremated remains in Golborne and the surrounding areas.

Wicker caskets to contain cremated remains provide you with an eco-friendly way to hold and treasure the memory of your loved ones. All of our wicker caskets are handmade using wood from renewable and sustainable sources.

We also offer a large selection of eco-friendly wicker coffins in a variety of styles, a range of colourful coffins to add a personal touch and a number of traditional coffins to give a more traditional feel to the funeral service of your loved one for burials and cremations, as well as a selection of colourful caskets to hold cremated remains post-cremation.

Almost all of the wicker caskets for cremated remains we offer can have bespoke touches applied to them to add a more personal feel, please take a look at the range we offer below.

All of our wicker caskets are…

  • 100% natural and completely biodegradable
  • Built using renewable and highly sustainable materials
  • Supplied with an interior drawstring cotton bag
  • Supplied with a blank nameplate to memorialise your loved one
  • Fitted with a toggle fastened lid in most options
  • Available in bespoke colour options
Bamboo Aspen Urn
Bamboo Laurel Urn
Banana Buttercup Urn
Banana Primrose Urn
Banana Sunflower Urn
English Willow Brown Urn
English Willow Green Urn
English Willow White Urn
Pandanus Allium Urn
Pandanus Iris Urn
Pandanus Tulip Urn
White Willow Dahlia Urn
White Willow Freesia Urn
White Willow Peony Urn
Willow Bluebell Urn
Willow Crocus Urn
Willow Fern Urn