Our Urns

Here at Carl Hogg & Susan Fields Funeral Service Ltd, we offer a wide range of urns to best fit the style you require. Our ranges consist of both wicker and colourful designs.

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Our Urns

Our Ranges

We provide two different ranges of urns, giving you the chance to find the best option to fit the personality of your loved one.

The ranges that we can provide are;

  • Wicker
  • Colourful

Please take a look through the ranges below to see the different urns that we offer.

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Wicker Urns

Banana Buttercup Wicker Caskets by Carl Hogg Funerals Golborne

View our full range of eco-friendly wicker urns that give an amazing and natural look.

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Colourful Urns

English Rose Pattern Colourful Caskets by Carl Hogg Funerals Golborne

View our full range of colourful urns that allow you to reflect on your loved ones interests.

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