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Our Colourful Caskets for Cremated Remains

We offer a large range of colourful caskets for cremated remains in Golborne and the surrounding areas.

Colourful caskets to contain cremated remains provide you with a more personal container to hold and memorialise the cremated remains of your loved one. These can range from highly bespoke and personal involving pictures of your loved ones or photographs of things that they were interested in or available using some of the designs seen below.

We also offer a large selection of eco-friendly wicker coffins in a variety of styles, a range of colourful coffins to add a personal touch and a number of traditional coffins to give a more traditional feel to the funeral service of your loved one for burials and cremations, as well as a selection of eco-friendly wicker caskets to hold cremated remains post-cremation.

Almost all of the colourful caskets for cremated remains we offer can have bespoke touches applied to them to add a more personal feel, please take a look at the range we offer below.

Colourful caskets can be adapted just like the coffins however you wish, from personal photo’s, handwriting, favourite colour, hobbies, football teams etc the list is endless. The following caskets are examples and can be purchased as you see them or tailored with your own ideas, or if you wish to have a completely unique design you can talk to us… every life has its own story.

Colourful Coffins Logo by Carl Hogg Funerals Golborne

At the Races Pattern
English Rose Pattern
Funky Zebra
Football Stadium Pattern